Simplify Your Enterprise Architecture Plan

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Simplify Your Enterprise Architecture Plan

Last time I wrote about a few thoughts regarding the failure of the enterprise architecture programs. A  Most are complicated.  You have a great deal of difficultly explaining the benefits. It is probably one of the most common questions I’m asked.  “How do I justify the work we are going to do on this?”.

First of all, that justification is going to have to be in layman’s terms.  Turn off the psycho babble and really think hard about what your CIO will hear, and what your executives and stakeholders want to hear.  It’s about the bottom line, and granted, most execs now know and accept that Enterprise Architecture is necessary for success, you are on a short leash.

So what is the single best way you can improve your chances at success?
Simplify, simplify, simplify.  The EA team knows or should know what an excellent enterprise architecture looks like.  Utopia includes a model of all you envision, and standards for everything your IT teams will build.  It includes a fully build infrastructure that matches your plan.

What reality sees is the chaos that unfolds when a company first assembles your team.  There are those that are nervous, and then those that set some high expectations based on their beliefs about what your group is setting out to do.

What if you were able to deliver a simple plan, with simple benefits understood by all, and you were able to do it with a minimal amount of planning?  What if you could get the time you needed to put your plan together and find the fastest way to determine if your plan aligns with the business strategy of your company?
There are a few key ingredients you will need to assemble before you can achieve success:

  1. You will need a simple plan that has been accepted by the business.
  2. You will need a structured method in which you process, analyze and store your models, plans and decisions.
  3. You will need to determine what format your work will take, and you will need to pin point where your “sweet spot” is; or the primary target focus for your program.

In just a few days, I will share with you how you can get these concepts achieved quickly.  Everyone wishes that architecture could go more quickly.  I say, “why not”.

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