IT Architects Need Good Habits

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IT Architects Need Good Habits

Top IT architects are products of their habits. Average people think that habits are something they need to break, such as eating too much or smoking. Peak performers know that successful habits are what create their success. Every day the successful IT architect reinforces success habits even such things as exercise, proper diet, being punctual and keeping ahead of their profession.

Your coach will help you develop a respect for the power that habits can exhibit. Success coaches know that if you allow your habits to slip, the habit will begin to die off almost immediately. Your coach knows this, and will teach you that it is more difficult to develop a progressive habit than to lose it.

Understand this. Momentum can work for or against you and as a result if you don’t protect your success habits with religious fervor you will lose them, because the momentum you developed when building them up is not being maintained. Your IT architecture coach is keenly aware of how habits will impact every area of your life and they will teach you to look inside yourself and find answers. Unfortunately, average people are oblivious to the formation of success habits, unless the pain from unhealthy habits becomes too big.

One of the habits your enterprise architecture coach will ask you to develop is that of critical thinking. It’s a result of problem solving because it will lead to great ideas and money flows from ideas which solve problems and the bigger the problem the bigger the payoff. Many people tend to dismiss ideas before they have a chance to be properly evaluated and tested. Your IT architecture coach knows this and he will show you how to turn your attention to the inner workings of your own mind so you can capture and cultivate ideas which will help turn things around. You’ll also learn how to move an idea past the talking stage without hesitation. Anything at rest doesn’t have any momentum.

If you understand that thinking and planning has to be immediately followed by actions, you will create momentum and momentum producers are hard to stop. With the help of a good IT architect coach, you can create the idea habit and learn how to induce momentum so that not only will your career benefit, so too does the company you work for and the people you work with. Learning to recognize, and being aware of how to develop good habits is a skill, which will reward you throughout your whole life.

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