Is IT Architecture Coaching for You?

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Is IT Architecture Coaching for You?

Coaching isn’t for everyone, as obtaining the services of an IT Architecture coach involves having deep and sometimes personal conversations, during which time you’ll discuss areas of your professional life which you consider yourself to be weak on and would like to improve.

The main reason people choose to employ the services of an IT Architecture Coach is to help them live a more fruitful and successful life.   It’s about creating your own goals and achieving your own success. It’s a great way to reinvigorate your career with renewed enthusiasm.

Which Areas Do You Need To Work On?

Ask yourself the following questions — if you find yourself answering no to some of them, then these are possible areas you need to work on with your IT Architecture coach:

  • Is My life rewarding outside of work?
  • Does my professional life interfere with my personal life?
  • Can I say no to others?
  • I don’t like to leave work at the end of a busy day
  • I take good care of my body (because a healthy body means a healthy mind)
  • I aim to do at least one thing a day I enjoy
  • I know what I want from life and how to get it
  • I love my job it makes me happy

What Exactly Do IT Architecture Coaching Sessions Involve?

Coaching sessions usually take place via the phone and last around 30 to 45 minutes. You begin the conversation by talking about issues or problems that you face in your everyday professional life, your coach will then ask questions and make suggestions to help you solve the problems you’re facing. They will have experience themselves in the exact same situation your dealing with and should be able to offer advice on exactly what to do to resolve the situation.

Just imagine your dream job, a job where you’re challenged everyday, where all projects are completed on time and on budget, where you feel you are rewarded for the effort you put in. Your coach can help you achieve that. At the same time write down what frustrates you most about your current role, is it dealing with people, time management, How to get the best from people. These are all areas you and your coach can work on.

Find the Right IT Architecture Coach

Finding the right coach to work with however is no easy task. You will be discussing with them your most personal feeling and revealing your weaknesses, so it is important to find a coach you can trust. Also IT Architecture coaching is a very specialized area with challenges all of its own, so it is important that your coach has a huge amount of experience in this area. A normal life or career coach will not be able to deliver the results you crave.

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