Is Coaching For You?

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Is Coaching For You?

Is IT Architect coaching for you? A good question so let’s discover the secret behind successful people. We all know the use of coaching by athletes, but did you know that people like Bill Gates, Paul Newman, Oprah Winfrey, and even Eleanor Roosevelt had coaches or mentors to guide them. If you ask those people what difference a coach made to their personal and professional lives, I suspect that the answer would be they could not have achieved the success they enjoyed without their coach. Career coaches do a number of things. For instance they will help IT architects set more useful goals and then help them reach those goals. They will drive you forward because they ask you to do more than you can do on your own.

A coach will focus you better to produce your results more quickly and provide you with tools, support and a structure so that you can get a lot more done than you think possible. Coaching takes a lot from sports with the ultimate goal of being your best. But they do a lot more. A coach will strengthen your existing skill set instead of concentrating on improving weaknesses (although that is addressed to). A good coach will help you move forward and set career and personal goals that will give you the life you really want, both on and off the job. The best thing about getting a coach is that a good IT architect coach will help you reorient your life so that you can achieve your career goals.

After all there are so many skill sets that a good IT architect needs to possess, that you will need some kind of guidance as to which ones needs to be developed first, and how to go about it. Your coach will also challenge you and take time to discover what a well-lived life means to you. They will hold you accountable for your life choices, and make sure you really live up to your true potential. A good IT architecture coach will help you discover your real needs, help you to set your goals and work effectively towards a career of excellence and achievement in your IT architect role.

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