How IT Architecture Coaching Improves Performance

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How IT Architecture Coaching Improves Performance

In order to assist IT architects to reach greater heights of performance, the coach must expand the architect’s ability to take effective action. This is not something you can simply tell someone to do. It’s an ongoing process that encourages the IT architect to dig deeper to create solutions that will bring enhanced results. It’s a form of accountability that builds a proactive outlook to the issues of management and leadership. Coaching is the foundation to deepening awareness of the architect’s individual talents and strengths. Enterprise architect coaching goes beyond mentorship. It fosters trust and confidence.

IT Architects who have taken advantage of coaching report their achievements are celebrated, and feel satisfied because they discovered answers to long-standing questions about self and purpose. Some of the markers of improved performance include more effective leadership abilities, a greater sense of confidence, an enlarged the vision of the future, improved productivity, better people skills, superior decision making abilities, communication clarity, a higher sense of teamwork, better financial stability, enhanced balance between personal and professional life, improved mental and physical health, stress reduction and greater job satisfaction.

This list offers a huge array of benefits for architects who get a positive coaching experience. Coaching is a highly effective and inexpensive method of developing people and strengthening an organization. During difficult economic times, companies which are stressed are better able to weather the financial storm by implementing coaching programs which keep morale and company loyalty high. This was ably demonstrated during the financial crisis of 1997 to 1998. “In a time of drastic change it is the learners who will inherit the future. The ill trained will find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists’s Eric Hoffer” In stressful times, people seek ways to boost peace of mind and satisfaction with their lives.

IT architecture coaching can meet these objectives in three ways, by improving individual well-being, building up the company’s ability to function using people as its most important resource, and assists individuals in transition which is what a beginning IT architect. Competition today involves learning as an ongoing component of life and a means of creating satisfaction. Changing behavior is a crucial stepping stone in the process of lifelong learning as an IT architect. And a good coach is the fastest shortcut there is towards making the necessary changes.

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