How a Careers Coach can help you Find That Dream Job

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We all have dreams right, to most of us though that’s what they’ll remain, dreams. But for a lucky few, those dreams become reality. But is it Luck? Or is it something else.

Well they say you make your own luck in life, the people whose dreams came true were just lucky; they had a plan and more importantly the determination to carry it out.

So how can a Careers Coach help you with this? Well the first thing they’ll do is develop a plan. This will be a personal plan unique to you. It will contain all your dreams and your goals. But that’s only the beginning.

Once you’ve made a plan, the next thing is to carry it out, easier said than done, I hear you say. Well that’s the beauty of having a coach, not only will they help you make a plan; they’ll also help you carry it out.

They’ll sit down with you once a week or once a month and set you goals to achieve, they’ll be small goals at first, like reading a book or learning a simple new skill. Small baby steps one at a time, but these steps will soon add up and you’ll build confidence as you go.

After a few weeks you’ll not only have learned a number of new skills, but you’ll be brimming with confidence. Your co-workers will see a new side to you, but more importantly so will your boss.

All successful people in the world start with a plan. With the exception of the Pope (and maybe even him), everyone else started with a dream, devised a plan to achieve it and diligently followed that plan until they succeeded. You don’t get to be President of the United States by accident. You don’t wake up one morning and think oh I seem to have built the largest software company in the world. You plan for it and you carry it out.

Some people can do this all by themselves, but most people will need help along the way. That help comes in the form of a Careers Coach.

So the next time you see that dream job advertised, don’t just wish you could apply for it, make sure you’re in a position to apply for it. And make sure you’re skilled enough to get it.

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