Enterprise Architecture Training

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Enterprise Architecture Training

Ever consider Enterprise Architecture Training vs. Enterprise Architecture Coaching?

There are a few enterprise architecture training classes available, but what do you really need?

The benefits of a structured EA Training class:

  • Structured & pre-determined syllabus
  • Benefits of learning with colleagues, classmates and interaction with others
  • Formalized topics and subjects may be covered

What are the drawbacks of taking formalized Enterprise Architecture Training as your first education in your new role?

Often, one size doesn’t fit all.  Chances are you have just landed in this role and you need to get up to speed quickly.  You are drowning in meetings, email and you aren’t sure what to do first?  The EA training class may give you most of what you need to know how to do some of your activities, but does it help you define and determine your role?  First steps?

Often training isn’t well timed, unless you can sign up for something just in time.  Often you’ll need to get some answers quickly about what you should be doing right now, and hit the ground running.  It might not be tailored for what you need right now, while you are fresh in the role, or your program hasn’t launched yet.  Program success depends on being fast out of the gate, and putting your plans in order.  Do you have the right skills to get that done?

Consider instead a blend of training, mentoring and planning with a coach. A  What if a coach had all of the pieces of training you needed, and you were able to consume them as you needed, in combination with some personal advice, strategy and coaching to enable you to define your role and the activities you need to perform first?

By doing EA training with a coach, you will get more of your personal answers as you need them, and will be able to keep up with your daily assignments and work more easily.  Just in time Enterprise Architecture training has always been believed to offer the biggest benefit, so if you had the choice, would you take the generic mode, or check out your options with a blended, and more personalized approach?

Food for thought – check out the links for coaching benefits, or try a complimentary session if you still aren’t sure.

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