Coaching for Personal Growth

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Coaching for Personal Growth

A coach can help you speed up your natural learning curve in ways you can’t do alone. Successful IT architects are committed to never-ending personal and professional growth. They realize that when they graduate it’s only the beginning of the road, not the end. It seems that professional performers try so many things over the course of their life; their mental growth rate is staggering when compared to the average person. Most people avoid risk at any cost, and that can be seen within many corporations. The best people are always looking for opportunities and that is what the best IT architects do too. Although performers are willing to fail their way to success, you will discover that if you have the services of an experienced IT architecture coach and mentor you will shortcut the process substantially. Successful people believe that they cannot fail, that they can only learn and grow, and that having a coach is a valuable aid in that growth. Average performers try to go forward whilst avoiding pain at the same time.

Successful IT architects comfortably forge ahead with little or no concern about failure because they know they are in the hands of an expert coach and mentor. It seems that productive IT architects program themselves to get rid of their fear and move ahead. Most people are so afraid of failure that they only attempt goals they know they can reach. One of the best feelings you get when you are undergoing personal growth is that it just doesn’t stem from your successes, but also from the growth process that occurs along the way. One of the best things about personal growth in your journey towards becoming a great IT architect is the actual fun you can have in what you do. Most people see high achievers as self-disciplined, self-sacrificing and “success with achievement at all costs” machines.

If you have a close look at what drives those people fun is one of the things that stands out. Does Sir Richard Branson come to mind? Successful IT architects possibly have more fun in work than any other group and this stems from the attainment of personal growth as they make their way from an IT junior through to becoming a successful enterprise architect. When coached correctly, an IT architects career path will encompass their natural talents, abilities, but most of all, their passions. There is pure fun, excitement, enjoyment and even exhilaration in the work of a successful IT architect who has a great enterprise architecture mentor.

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