Starting Business Architecture

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Starting Business Architecture

Starting with Business Architecture

Have you heard about the enterprise architecture project that went into the black hole? What can the enterprise architect campaign for and construct to prove their value? It’s not simple – it’s tedious and will include a focused body of work, but a company that doesn’t have this piece of architecture as an asset in their possession is greatly missing out in my personal opinion.

If a company really does want to focus on an enterprise perspective in their company’s solutions and technology, then it must start at the top and business architecture. A big project to attempt is to find cohesion across operating divisions and regions will benefit any company that wishes to create value inside of the enterprise architecture and alignment with the business areas.

The attempt can start with the baseline architecture focusing on the business architecture first, while providing clear direction for the future solutions portfolio. A target architecture showing business strategy should be created to manage technology. A baseline architecture that describes the linkages of the strategic direction to capabilities, capabilities to the solutions, and finally the solutions to the technology. Architects create the target architecture and the solution road-map which outlines the details of the work that is needed to arrive at the target state.

Doing all of these steps will enable the enterprise to have a strategy that will come to fruition, and the stakeholders will know the plan and the details of the work to be delivered in advance. The work for the projects to be delivered will be driven by all involved and the business objectives can be clearly aligned with the work to be delivered. Stakeholders will have a clear goal to be achieved, and their initial involvement and desired outcome will drive their participation and support of the
necessary investments.

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