If you are like most people, you want to know if the service you are getting is worth it, and if there will be value to you personally.  The best way for you to feel comfortable is to take advantage of a free, no obligation introductory session.  Some like to know what others thought of the service.

Here are a couple of samples of what my coaching clients are saying:

“The Zoom Factor book, and your coaching have given me a significant head start in this field and I am proud to say that our first roadmap was very positively received. I highly recommend that anyone looking to find a solid footing in this field, or those looking to refocus and take a new step forward in Enterprise Architecture read this book. The discussion of practical, human elements of an EA  and the environment we work in are invaluable, and it would be rare to find such a concentrated, single place to gain the perspective of so many others in the same position.

As I begin working on things external to the roadmap itself, I am beginning to see the areas where additional effort is needed and how more and more information will continue to build it to become a more mature document.

I would not have been able to produce the roadmap or transition my career without your help, and for that I am exceptionally grateful. ”

Ted Doholis
Enterprise Architect
City of London

“The coaching I received has been the critical element in my success as a new Enterprise Architect.  Not only was Sharon able to give me real world strategies suited to my circumstances; she provided examples that I could leverage to deliver those strategies.  As important was the validation and help with the organizational challenges that no book out there helps you with.  At the end, the work I have done with Sharon is the best investment I have made in growing my professional skills over the course of my 20 year career.”

Stephen Farr
Enterprise Architect
Large New England Life Insurance and Financial Services Company

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