Here are a few questions people ask when enquiring about our services:

Q: How long do sessions last?
A: Our sessions typically last 30 minutes.  Some will take 45-60 minutes, depending on the goals, issues and projects you have in your pipeline.  An example of a 120 minute session might be during an intense period where you are under the gun to product an Enterprise Architecture Roadmap, and you want to collaborate to keep you on track and brainstorm to find gaps in your plan.

Q: How do we get started?
A: We typically get started with a background session, jumping right into goals and objectives for your coaching.

Q: Do we ever meet in person?
A: Typically our sessions are over the telephone or through skype.  On some occasions, when my clients are local, I will meet them face to face.  On others, clients have requested I travel to work with them or their team for a full day session.

Q: What topics do you coach on?
A: Coaching sessions are generally on a wide range of topics. Many new architects have challenges getting started, and with setting up roles and responsibilities inside of their team and program.  Others see political and cultural challenges within their organization that they need some guidance with or want another perspective.

Q: What deliverables or documents do clients give their coach?
A: I am often asked to review and offer input and advice on the format, structure and effectiveness of various architecture documents and models. All are reviewed in the strictest of confidence and often the client receives various options for enhancement or changes for better emphasis or delivery.

Q: What deliverables or documents do clients get from their coach?
A: I will share various sample documents when a client needs to get a quick start or wants to see something as a concrete example to help them get started.  A common item may be a checklist or template that can help the architect moving faster.

Q: How are coaching services purchased?
A: Clients buy services in blocks, the smallest being one hour and the largest being for weekly sessions lasting anywhere from four to fifty two weeks.

Q: Do you give media interviews?
A: Yes, with some advance request.

Q: Do you share any information about your clients?
A: Absolutely none.  An exception may be situational with details such as an industry vertical area in which an architect works, or a case study in which no names, companies, or detailed data is shared.

Q: Do you do public speaking?
A: Yes, I frequently speak at industry conferences.

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