Architect Coaching

What Does Architect Coaching Provide

IT architect coaching’s overarching goal is to give a structured environment within which the new IT architect can safely explore goal setting, achievement and success. The insights and self-awareness you get while working closely with an enterprise architect mentor will have a positive impact on all areas of your career and give you a level of satisfaction and fulfillment which is not usually achieved easily.

There are many direct benefits of coaching and are the most common include:

  • a greater sense of your role
  • higher self-esteem & accomplishment
  • a much clearer vision of the future
  • insight into your own strengths and weaknesses
  • a true career vision
  • better business relationships and
  • greater ability to communicate and solve problems

Since human relationships are essential to all aspects of life, skills development for improved relationships and communication is considered by many to be the most important benefit of coaching.

How can you apply your newly learned skills? The possibilities are very broad. Key areas are:

  • More self-confidence
  • Better work relationships
  • Capacity to communicate under a wide set of scenarios
  • Lifting and sustaining self-esteem and confidence in your role
  • Better financial success in your career
  • better health (less stress), and
  • the ability to recover from setbacks/disappointments more completely

The essence of the coach’s job is to keep the client focused on the goals and keep that focus prominently on the future.

The IT architect coach is probably regarded more as a directive coach because it involves the coach giving the client instructions with specific actions to take. The client relies heavily on the coach’s expertise in the subject matter – enterprise architecture. However some non-directive coaching is also included, because it emphasizes your ability to find out unique solutions, with feedback from the coach plus lots of self-reflection.

Your coach must demonstrate excellent listening skills, with the ability to question and communicate well. Your coach must inspire confidence and motivate IT architects and encourage them to achieve their goals. Throughout the process they must have the dexterity to remain objective and non-judgmental.

One of the essential attributes an IT architect requires is self-reliance.

There are four specific steps which you need to take so that you can control your own destiny. You need to assume responsibility and you need to take it for your work, your time and your obligation to get things done. You need to stay informed, because you can’t make decisions without all the facts. If you don’t know you need to ask.

You need to have a plan both for yourself personally and for the corporation with which you are working. What are short and long-term goals because if you don’t know you will drift without any purpose?

You must learn to think for yourself because the ability to make intelligent decisions without relying on the opinions of others is one of the most important learned skills.

In the end coaching can help you get in touch with your true core values so you can have true happiness in your career and your non-career life. A good enterprise architect mentor can help you steer your life in a fulfilling direction.

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